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Functional Fluids

Brand: Peak Model: PEAK50/50REG
PEAK® Concentrate Antifreeze + Coolant is a conventional (green), ethylene glycol based antifreeze for use in older automotive and light duty gasoline/diesel applications. PEAK® Conventional Full Strength Antifreeze + Coolant provides maximum protection from freezing to -84˚F and boil-over to +276˚F..
Brand: Pennzoil Model: PENNZOIL12ct
Pennzoil® motor oil is formulated with Active Cleansing Technology. At Pennzoil we’re committed to engineering motor oils that are proven to protect your engine. That’s why Pennzoil® motor oil to help prevent dirt and contaminants from turning into performance-robbing deposits, helping to ..
STP® Heavy Duty Brake Fluid DOT 3 is specially formulated for optimum Performance for Disc or Drum Brake Systems in today’s cars and Trucks.How it helps:Helps Protect Against Brake Failure from Vapor LockPrevents Corrosion in Brake SystemWorks with All Brake Systems Requiring DOT 3 FluidsExceed..
STP® High Mileage Power Steering Fluid + Stop Leak is specially formulated for vehicles over 75,000 miles to stop or reduce fluid loss caused by seals that leak due to wear or shrinkage (not for use with broken or scored seals). Can be used instead of regular power steering fluid as preventive ..
Vital parts in today’s power steering systems need protection to keep them operating over a wide range of summer and winter temperature conditions. Specifically designed for power steering units, STP® Power Steering Fluid provides year-round protection.How it helps:Protects against wear and pum..
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