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Airis MEGA Disposable Vape 2000 Puffs - 10ct/Box
Clearance -62 %
The Airis MEGA disposable vape pod features 2000 puffs, has a 1050mAh built-in battery, a 6ml pod pre-filled with your favorite e liquid juice and a Salt Nicotine strength of 5%. With a adjustable Airflow Control Selection via a Switch will provide you with the perfect hit to sat..
Bang XXL Disposable 2000 Puffs - 10ct/Box
Clearance -72 %
Introducing you with the new technology-based disposable vape known as the Bang XXL Disposable Vape. This vape is the newest type of bang brand. This vape comes with 2000 puffs per device which last longer than various other bang disposables on the market. The 2000 puffs on an average can be consume..
Model: BLOW300
Strawberry MangoA sweet, soft strawberry mix with a refreshing mango twist!Grape IceA dynamic chilled savory grape flavor!Blueberry RaspberryAn unexpected explosion of the dynamic duo with blueberry and raspberry!Green AppleA mind-blowing crispy green apple delight!Orange Guava Passion FruitAn overw..
Blow XXL Disposable Vape 1800 Puffs - 10ct/Box
Clearance -68 %
Model: BLOW4K
Blow XXL Disposable Vape: Blow XXL Disposable e-Cig pre-filled with 5.8mL of e-liquid5% salt nicotine concentration1100mAh battery capacityApproximately 1800 puffs per device..
Bmor PI Plus Disposable Vape 4000 Puffs Triple Flavors - 10ct/Box
Clearance -53 %
Model: BMOR3IN1
Unique triple isolated flavors design, one disposable device offers 3 flavors. Isolated tanks make sure there is no flavor tainting. Switche flavors by twist the lid.Prefilled with a total of 6.5ml of 50mg salt nicotine e-juice, PI+ runs up to 4000 puffs. Enjoy triple flavors, triple puffs, for..
Breeze Plus 800 Puffs 5% Salt Nicotine 5mL - 10ct/Box
Clearance -50 %
Brand: Breeze Smoke Model: BREEZE800
Breeze Plus Disposable Vape Device 800 PuffsBreeze has launched a few unique disposable vape pods that offer value for money, and Breeze Plus is one of them. Breeze Plus pod vape is ultra-lightweight yet sturdy and highly portable with a compact design. Breeze Plus disposables are opt..
Gost Straw Disposable 3000 Puffs - 10ct/Box
Clearance -65 %
Model: STRAW3K
Flavor:WhatamelonFrazeCucumber FrescaCactus KoolerSpryteCocoladaHella PeachShop the GOST Vapor Straw 3000 Disposable, featuring a 8mL prefilled capacity of 5% nicotine salt strength, delivering approximately 3000 puffs.GOST Vapor Straw 3000 Disposable Features:8mL Prefilled E-Liquid CapacityIntegrat..
Hyppe Bar Disposable Vape 300 Puffs - 10ct/Box
Clearance -75 %
Model: HYPPEBAR300
The HYPPE BAR Disposable Device is from the same makers of PUFF Salt. The automatic draw-activated disposable device holds 1.3mL of 50mg salt-based nicotine eliquid. The HYPPE BAR Disposable Device is available in a variety of flavors. Features:Disposable Pod SystemCompact & Porta..
Hyppe Max Flow Disposable Vape 2000 Puffs - 10ct/Box
Clearance -72 %
Flavor:Raspberry WatermelonPeach IceWatermelon Peach PearStrawberry Apple WatermelonStrawberry BananaMighty MintStrawberry LemonadeGuava IceChewy WatermelonGuava Pineapple OrangeGuava StrawberryCola FreezeBanana FreezeBlue GummyGummy TeddyLush FreezeAloe GrapeStrawberry FreezeNakedStrawberry GuavaRe..
Kang Vape Alphaa Disposable Vape 2200 Puffs - 10ct/Box
Clearance -73 %
Alphaa Sigma Plus Disposable Vape is a pre-filled salt nic vaping system that is convenient and compact. Draw-activated, lasts for about 2200 puffs and has a powerful 1600mAh battery to support that. It contains 6.2ML of 50MG (5%) of salt nic juice and comes in a variet..
Pablo Bar Disposable Vape 6000 Puffs - 5ct/Box
Clearance -33 %
These petite yet powerful disposable devices pack a massive 1300mAh rechargeable battery accompanied by equally massive 15ml tank with prefilled 5% salt nicotine e juice in your favorite flavors. Together with the massive battery and tank, this disposable device offers up to 6000 puffs. Truly unhear..
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