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Pipe Tobacco

Brand: 4 Aces Model: 4ACESTUBE
The best part of holding 4 Aces is when no one knows you have them. These 4 Aces Tubes are just like that. You'll know you have a winner in your hand, but even you won't know its there. The high-quality materials used to craft these tubes by Republic Tobacco ensure that you get a great product that ..
Brand: Gambler Model: Gambler 16oz
TOBACCO Gold, Menthol, red, Silver, Turksih ..
Brand: Gambler Model: Gambler 6oz
TOBACCO Gold, Menthol, red, Silver, Turksih..
Brand: Gambler Model: GAMBLERTUBE
These empty cigarette tubes are perfect for rolling your own smokes in. Experience the choice and freedom that comes with making your own cigarettes. You get to choose the brand of the cigarette tube, the brand of cigarette machine, and the brand of filler. It's true that you can save a lot of money..
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