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STNR Creations

Brand: STNR Creations Model: SE00STNRD8GUMMY900MG
30 Gummies in each container30mg Delta 8 THC per Gummy900mg Total Non-GMO Hemp DerivedGMP CertifiedVegan Friendly ..
Brand: STNR Creations Model: SE00STNRD8DISP2.5G
Cherry Pie (Hybrid) – Who’s ready for dessert? ‘Cause this strain is definitely a treat! A mix of Granddaddy Purp x Durban Poison, this Indica dominate hybrid gives a euphoric feeling that is perfect for any time of day. With notes of sweet & sour cherries and berries, Cherry Pie ..
Brand: STNR Creations Model: STNRTHCP2GDISP
The 2g THC-P disposable selection includes hybrid, Sativa, and Indica strains, each offering a different user experience. Indica tends to create a more unwinding and relaxing experience. While Sativa offers a more energizing and uplifting effect. Hybrids offer a combination of the two that is not to..
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