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Digital Scales

Brand: Scales Model: Scales
SCALES .01 (HD 100), 0.001 (expensive), 0.01 (Px100), 3kg, iPad Size (Largest), Medium Black, Medium White, Ninja Color, Rasta Color, Slide (Open from Side), Small Black, Small Blue, Small Green..
WeighMax Digital Scale
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Brand: WeighMax Model: WMAX03
Unique vibrant glossy color coating Large Backlit LCD Display Removable Protective Tray Stainless Steel Platform SIZE DIGITAL SCALE WEIGHMAX BLG-100 X 0.01G, DIGITAL SCALE WEIGHMAX BLG-1000 X 0.1G, DIGITAL SCALE WEIGHMAX BX750 X 0.1G, DIGITAL SCALE WEIGHMAX FX650 X 0.1 ..
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