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Delta 10

Brand: Mellow Fellow Model: SEDELTA10DISP
 all-natural premium cannabis oils and STRAIN SPECIFIC cannabis derived terpenes. We will never cut or dilute the cartridges. Our Terpenes are extracted via distillation of strain specific cannabis live resin and shatter. Delta-10 is a synthetic cannabinoid derived from hemp...
Brand: Mellow Fellow Model: SE00D10EDIBLES
Per Pack: 20 pcsTotal THC Content: 600mg∆10 Content Per Gummy: 18mg∆9 Content Per Gummy: 9mgCBN (Cannabinol) Content Per Gummy: 3mgIngredients: Sugar, Invertsugar, Corn Syrup, Modified Corn Starch, Contains Less Than 2% of Tartaric Acid, Citric Acid, Δ8 & Δ10 THC Distillate (Delta-8 & D..
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